Things to See in North County San Diego

If you’re planning a vacation to San Diego, there is no reason why you should limit yourself to just the City of San Diego. North County may not be on your radar as far as destinations to check out, but perhaps it should be. We love North County San Diego so much, we have our corporate headquarters here!

North County San Diego spans all of the length of the city, from the coast all the way to the Desert Mountains, and it’s not a long drive to get there from the airport. The best part is there are activities that are fun for the whole family. Here is a possible itinerary of a fun weekend in North County San Diego.

  1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park. If you haven’t been here yet, then this should definitely be on the top of your list for things to see in North County. This 1,000-acre facility allows you to experience Africa without the hassle of a long flight. There are many things to see at the Safari Park. You can stop to see a herd of 13 African elephants at the Elephant Valley, take a trip on the Africa Tram to check out the giraffes and rhinos in the large field enclosures, watch a cheetah run full speed at the Cheetah Run, chat with an animated zebra at Nairobi Station, and visit those charismatic lemurs at the Lemur Walk. If you’re up for spending an extra buck, there are also upgraded experiences such as taking a caravan truck tour to get up close to those field animals, overnight camping trips with the wild animals, or even  riding a two-thirds mile zip line.

  2. Stone Brewery. Not far from the Safari Park is a North County gem that many locals put on their agenda for visiting in Escondido. This is the site of Stone Brewery, where the company brews all of its beer. You’ve heard of wine tours, well what about beer tours? Southern California is home to some of the top craft breweries in the country, but Stone takes the cake.

  3. Carlsbad Village. A low-key shopping area similar to Seaport Village, Carlsbad Village is a quaint, peaceful area close to the water. It is relaxing and fun just to check out the specialty stores. It is quite the change of pace from your normal shopping mall, without any chain stores.

  4. Lynn Forbes Gallery School of Sculpture. There are several options for classes that you can do with your kids in a healthy, creative atmosphere that promotes parent-child participation. It is certainly a unique and memorable option to try.

  5. Legoland. No North County San Diego trip with kids should end before checking out Legoland. The first of its kind in the country, Legoland is the perfect amusement park for kids who love using Lego toys. There are 21 rides, three of which are rollercoasters and seven of which are water rides.

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