Learn What’s SUP in SoCal

What’s “SUP” is more than slang in Southern California – it’s a sport! An acronym for stand-up paddle boarding, SUPing is a popular outdoor sport that is similar to surfing.

There are many types of options riders have when it comes to stand-up paddle boarding. The board is not identical to the make of a surfboard but it is very close. Most models of a paddle board are made of fiberglass. Each paddleboard is tailor-made for certain bodies of water, including the ocean and rivers. With each board comes a one-sided paddle – similar to a canoe paddle – which helps the rider steer the board.

One of the more relaxing ways to spend your time on a paddle board is to take it out on a bay or a lake. These bodies of water are going to be much calmer than if you took it out in the ocean with rip currents. Simply stand on top of the board and use the paddle to steer you along.

It may sound easy, but stand-up paddle boarding is a very good workout for your legs and core. It will certainly help you build muscle, while in the process of riding. This is one of the reasons why stand-up paddle boarding has developed so much in the last couple years, evolving along with the “get fit” trend which is much stronger now than it was years ago.

Some fitness advocates call stand-up paddle boarding the best total workout you can get. Standing on the board while on the water requires basic balancing abilities, which strengthen all muscles involved in staying in this position, similar to yoga. Beginners should get started by kneeling on top of the board to get a better feel for how the board floats.

Riders of a stand-up paddle board can go at their own pace. Depending on currents, the riders are typically the ones who set the pace, so you can go aerobically or casually. If stand-up paddle boarding in the ocean, make sure not to converge with the surfers.

A fun aspect of stand-up paddle boarding is that it’s a family event. You can have multiple people on one paddleboard, as long as you distribute the weight evenly. It is even an activity you can do with your dog, if your dog is comfortable with getting a little bit wet.

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