Seaside chat at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

The Carlsbad Inn is a favorite ResorTime destination in California. ResorTime Travelers (RTT) sat down with Randy Chapin, the General Manager of Carlsbad Inn recently to get his take on ResorTime and why his resort is so popular. (This is a condensed version of that interview.)

RTT: What do you think makes ResorTime unique?

Randy: Certainly, the ease of booking through ResorTime, that’s part of it. It’s easy to see what’s available and make a booking. And the kind of accommodations they have. They aren’t your typical hotel rooms. They are much larger rooms with all the benefits of being at home. Another unique thing is the level of service that ResorTime has to offer to all our owners and our guests. They are very friendly in the way that they approach the whole process, and you know that they are going to be there to help if there are any issues later on. Just the whole goal of really planning a vacation and not just booking a room.

RTT: How has ResorTime made a difference to your owners and guests?

Randy: Traveling through ResorTime is just a great additional benefit. They own a week of vacation every year because of their timeshare ownership, but the connection with ResorTime gives them two things in my mind. First, they can test drive resorts before they go for a full week of vacation. For a lot of people, the week of vacation means traveling a little further distance. Short breaks a little closer to home are really a nice advantage and an extra benefit that our owners really enjoy.

RTT: You’ve been here 24 years, so you must know this property inside and out. What would you say is your favorite part of this property?

Randy: The location — close to the beach and close to the Village is really hard to beat. And I’m not the only one who’s been around here a long time. A good deal of my staff has been here for many, many, many years. They know their job like the back of their hand, so instead of being focused just on trying to do their job, they really focus on the service side of things, which makes for some unique experiences for our guests.

RTT: What does the concierge level of service mean to you?

Randy: First, you have to just approach it with a servant’s heart. I think we hire that, and we train for that sense of “we’re here for you, and our goal is to make sure that you go away with wonderful memories and a great vacation experience.” We really try to personalize our approach to every guest that comes in. We tell so many visitors: “Think about whatever you would like to do in our resort and in San Diego County. Don’t think about what’s available. Think about possibilities, and let us help tailor that experience.”

RTT: Can you give us an example of how the Carlsbad Inn has formed lasting relationships with guests?

Randy: “From the first experience the guests have here, they really do want to come back and relive those vacation experiences and create long lasting memories. Many guests end up developing family traditions, and we fit right into that. One of my favorite stories is about a family from the Midwest that traveled here two or three times over 15 years. And their daughter had great experiences here as a little girl. When she was a teenager, she told her Mom: “When I get married, I want to get married at Carlsbad Inn. So just this year, we actually hosted her wedding at Carlsbad inn. This family has become great friends of mine, and it’s pretty cool to see that whole transition. And I’ve been around long enough to know that beyond her wedding, I will probably get to see her children and maybe even, at some point, have them check in. With some families, I’m on my third generation of guests checking in here.



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