Putting the dreaming back in vacation planning: an interview with Frank Cowell

Remember when you were a kid and vacation planning was fun? Mom and Dad would come back from the travel agent’s office with brochures, and everyone would daydream about the endless possibilities a new destination and time together would offer. ResorTime is focused on bringing that inspiration back.

“It’s a fantastic thing that we can now go online and book a business trip or a routine trip to Chicago. But when planning a vacation, we want someone to talk to — to figure out: ‘While I’m there, what’s great for my family? What can I do for entertainment and nightlife?’ There’s a whole experience that goes along with vacation planning that’s completely missing today. ResorTime intends to bring that back,” says Frank Cowell, President & Creative Director of Elevator Agency, the creative agency that is designing the new website for ResorTime.

ResorTime wants to be that face on the other side of a web browser, so you have a personal connection when you book your vacation. “For most of us, vacations come once or twice a year, and it’s a really special moment in our lives, so we want to make the most of it, and ResorTime wants to be part of that,” says Cowell.

And Cowell is excited about the difference ResorTime is going to make when it comes to planning a vacation on the new website. He says there will be a special level of personalization in ResorTime’s website interface that will provide you with travel content that is relevant to your needs.

“We think guests will love ResorTime’s service philosophy where the company guides travelers before, during and after their vacation. What that means is before your trip, during your trip and after your trip, you have a point of contact, so that there are no surprises. You can get excited about your vacation, experience it and, at the end, someone follows up with you to make sure your vacation was what you expected.”

And the company is integrating social media into the new website so guests can help other guests create memorable moments by sharing stories as people do on Facebook. “We are really trying to create a vacation community and allow our guests to connect with one another and share their own inspirational stories,” says Cowell.

Imagine having fun planning a vacation, knowing that someone on the other side of that web portal cares about your dreams. To hear more about the inspiration behind the new ResorTime website, and how it will make planning and sharing your vacation experiences more enjoyable, watch ResorTime’s interview with Frank Cowell below.



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