Hike Smart! Free Guided Tour in Big Tree State Park & Safety Tips

Summer is right around the corner and what better way to spend it then in the great outdoors! Make the season extra special by staying at Mountain Retreat Resort, placing you a short distance from Calaveras Big Tree State Park!  The park offers a plethora of fun, free activities fit for nature lovers and outdoorsy families.

Hiking Calaveras Big Tree State Park

One of the great activities they offer is a free guided hike around the North Grove portion of the park that’s perfect for all hiking levels! Take this gentle hike led by a tour guide to get some insight on why the area is so special. Some highlights of this free adventure are the Big Stump, the Pioneer Cabin Tree, the Father of the Forest, and the Empire State Tree that measures 18ft in diameter near its base! It’ll be an outdoor excursion you’ll never forget!  Here’s what you need to know if you want to join in on the hiking fun:

Meeting Time:  Saturdays at 1:00pm

Meeting Location: Visitors Center

Tour Length:  1.5 – 2.0 hours

Hike Distance:  1.5 miles

For more information visit the Calaveras Big Trees Association website.

Hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature! It’s important that you and your loved ones stay safe when venturing out into the wilderness. Whether you’re going on a guided hike or trekking off the beaten path, be sure to follow these tips to have the safest (and most fun) hiking this season:

Hiking Calaveras Big Tree State Park

Be Kind to Yourself

Know your abilities and limits. Choose appropriate hikes that match your level of experience and fitness, along will your health restrictions so you can focus on enjoying your journey. It’s important not to put unnecessary stress on your body, especially during the summer months. Take a ten minute break at least once every hour to recharge and allow your body to rest. It’s also the perfect moment to enjoy the views.

Pack Light

Travel as light as possible. The less you carry the more enjoyable the hike. Of course it’s vital to pack the essentials like food, water and first aide, but be sure not to weigh yourself down with unnecessary items.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Depending on where you’re hiking, make sure your footwear matches the terrain and distance you’ll be hiking. These include choosing shoes with good traction, are lightweight and provide ankle support.

Hydrate & Snack Often

Especially during summer months, be sure to carry enough water with you and snack on salty foods. Water and food are your fuel and should be consumed on any hike lasting longer than 30 minutes.

Watch Your Time

When planning your hike, make sure you allow yourself enough time to hike back. Depending on the incline/decline of your hike sometimes the return can take twice as long and you want to be sure you not only have enough energy and supplies, but also sunlight!


Ready to plan your next adventure with friends and family? Relax and rejuvenate from your outdoor excursions by staying at Mountain Retreat Resort, nestled in the woods of Calaveras County. Simply book online or call a Vacation Specialist at (866) 325-6295.

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