8 Tips for Safe Cycling

Cycling season is here! As the days get longer and the weather gets even warmer in Southern California it’s a great time to rent a bike in the SoCal sunshine. Get FREE bike rentals when you vacation at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Coronado Beach Resort, Capistrano Surfside Inn, and Southern California Beach Club! However, be sure to follow these basic safety tips to make sure you have the most fun during your bike ride in paradise:

Cycling Tips

Wear a Helmet

Always protect your head! Used properly, bike helmets are nearly 90% effective in preventing brain injuries. Many states have bike helmet laws, but it’s important you and your loved ones wear one even if they aren’t required.

Make Sure Your Bike Fits

When selecting a bike for yourself it’s important to find the right frame size so you don’t put any unnecessary stress on your body. Make sure your handlebars are one inch lower than your seat and when straddling the bike there is 1-2 inches between the seat and your body.

Pick the Right Seat

It’s important for your body to feel comfortable and at ease on any bike ride, especially if you’re biking for long periods of time. There are different types of men and women’s seats that fit different body types, from wide to narrow and gel filled or padded, find the best one that works for you.

Dress for Comfort, but also for Safety

Consider wearing thin, more breathable fabric that won’t bunch up while cycling and also be aware of weather conditions when choosing your attire. There are clothes with special lining or padding to wick away perspiration or consider something thermal for colder rides. It’s also important to choose bright clothing so you’re visible to people and traffic around you. Reflective clothing is also a great choice!

Change Positions While Cycling

Switch it up! Vary your hand and body positions often when cycling to avoid putting consistent stressors on the same muscles. Changing positions frequently helps distribute the muscle pressures equally so you don’t over work your body.

Don’t Ride With Headphones

It’s extremely dangerous to not hear what’s going on around you. You might need to react to an emergency vehicle or other commotions going on around you. If you’d like music during your bike ride consider purchasing a small clip-on radio or Bluetooth speaker for your handlebars.

Know the Rules

Know the rules of the road for cyclists and motor vehicles, especially if you’ll be cycling in more populated areas. Obeying signs and giving hand signals should always be performed to create an ease of communication between you and drivers around you. Also, be sure to avoid a driver’s blind spot when on city streets.

Keep Your Head Up

It’s easy to be focused on your handlebars or body position, but it’s more important to look out far enough in front of you so you can react to any obstacles. This can be as simple as avoiding a storm drain or as challenging as finding an alternative route around a fallen tree branch.


Ready to blissfully bike along the Southern Californian coast? Get FREE bike rentals when you vacation at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Coronado Beach Resort, Capistrano Surfside Inn, and Southern California Beach Club! Simply book online or call a Vacation Specialist at (866) 325-6295.

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