You Save 10%, We Give 10% to Students with MS

When 16-year-old Anisha M. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009, she thought it would control her life. “I thought that I would have to make every decision based off of the fact that I have MS, whether if it was a daily task or one pertaining to my future. Not knowing where MS would take my health was just so frightening.”

Anisha’s perspective became more hopeful 2011, when the National Multiple Sclerosis Society awarded her a college scholarship. “Not only does the scholarship provide a sense of monetary relief towards my education, but it is also a form of evidence that the NMSS encourages those who are affected by MS to pursue our educational aspirations. This encouragement shows that we are not limited by, nor controlled by MS.  Personally, this encouragement helps me overcome my fears that are induced by living with MS.”

You Are the Heart behind Our Giving

We had the privilege of meeting Anisha at Flavors of Austin on March 7, 2015. This annual event is one of several promoted by the Pro Player Foundation, an organization that partners with professional athletes to raise funds and awareness for diseases like MS. ResorTime sponsored Flavors of Austin, auctioning two vacations that raised more than $6,000 and presenting a $2,500 check to the National MS Society’s scholarship fund.

Why Are We Supporting This Particular Cause?

It’s all because of you! We have a longstanding relationship with the Pro Player Foundation. But after reading about Tyler Campbell’s battle with MS, you voted to give another $2,500 as part of ResorTime’s new beCause Destination Matters initiative.

Let’s Raise Another $2,500 for MS Scholarships

We were so inspired by Anisha’s story, we want to give another $2,500. Through April 30, 2015, when you book a vacation using promo code CZHLR, we’ll give 10% to the National MS Society and you’ll save 10% as a thank you for your contribution.

As of today, we’ve raised another $870, and we’re down to the final 28 days of our fundraiser. Just remember to use promo code CZHLR when you do. Looking for travel ideas? Explore our destinations, or check out our other blog posts for more inspiration.



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