Travel Tips for Traveling with A Family

Family vacations are always fun for the whole family! Whether you are planning an annual family outing, or are celebrating a special occasion, planning for a family vacation always needs a few tips!

Here are five tips for traveling with your family.

  1. Make sure you weigh your decision when it comes to driving or flying. Often times, just being on the road is half of the adventure and the joy of taking a family vacation, but if you’re doing a cross-country trip, factor in all of the potential situations that can arise. If you are planning multiple destinations amongst a long trip, perhaps taking the family van is the proper option. If you want to go cross-country to only one destination, flying might be the best option, but make sure your kids are at ease with being in an airplane first.

  2. It is extremely important to consider each person’s feelings while on a family vacation. If you are traveling with your spouse and two kids, amongst the four of you there could be four different activities requesting to be done. It is important to make sure everyone gets a slice of the pie and gets to do something they want to do. Compromise is the key, or else there will be division in the group.

  3. Play games. If you and your spouse want to go to a special museum and your kids are too young to appreciate it, they need to be entertained. Kids view many outings as field trips, but if the field trip is boring, accommodations need to be made. Establish an ongoing game you can play with them that makes it fun for everyone. Crack jokes they will appreciate, draw parallels to your activities to things they can relate to. Play the license plate game. Toys,  or tablet games are a nice source of entertainment on the fly.

  4. Always know where the treats are. When kids are bored of historical sites and museums, they are unhappy. Sometimes they get sour moods because they are tired. If you treat your kids to a surprise or two during the trip, they are bound to perk up and smile.

  5. Allow your kids privileges you otherwise wouldn’t give them in a normal setting. Allow them to stay up later than normal. Watch movies with them. Change sleeping arrangements around throughout the trip. The more you switch things up, the more fun they will have, which in turn, means you also enjoy yourself more.

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