Why Choose a Timeshare Rental for Your Spring Break Vacation?

How many times have you started planning spring break for your family, only to find yourself debating between a vacation rental and a traditional hotel room?

Both have their perks.

Vacation Rentals, Hotel Rooms, and the Alternative

Vacation rentals offer extra space, privacy, and nightly savings, and who doesn’t want a full kitchen when feeding a bunch of hungry kids?

By contrast, hotels have a full staff and added amenities that are be hard to find at the average rental, including multiple pools and often housekeeping.

What most travelers don’t realize is that there’s a third option—one that combines the best of a vacation rental with the best of a hotel.

We’re talking about timeshare rentals.

Demystifying Timeshare Rentals

Many travelers ignore timeshare rentals because they assume that, in order to use a timeshare resort, they need to either a) be an owner, or b) attend a sale presentation.

But that’s actually not the case.

The timeshare rentals you see on ResorTime are ones that have not been reserved by any owners, so the resorts have opened them up to the general public and other timeshare owners.

5 More Reasons to Choose a Timeshare Rental for Spring Break

  1. Avoid the Crowds…and the College Kids. Timeshare rentals tend to attract multigenerational families. So if you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly accommodations over spring break, look no further than a timeshare rental
  1. Help Planning Your Activities. Unlike many vacation rentals, timeshare resorts typically have a concierge, who can help plan and schedule your activities free of charge. The concierge is there as a resource to ensure you get the most of your time away.
  1. The Staff Treats You Like Family. When you’re at a timeshare rental, you’re not just a guest, you’re family. Keep in mind that the staff hosts the same owners year-after-year, so there’s an added sense of camaraderie and a greater emphasis on heartfelt service.
  1. There Are Deals to Be Had. Nightly rates for a timeshare rental tend to be comparable to the average vacation home, yet you get so much more for your money. And if you sign-up for emails from ResorTime, we’ll send you special deals to make your vacation that much more affordable.
  1. Did We Mention the Kitchen? It’s worth mentioning again. The cost of traveling with kids adds up fast, especially when you have to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner out. Even if you use your kitchen only for breakfast, you’ll save a substantial amount of money that you can put towards activities.

So, will it be a hotel, a vacation rental, or a timeshare rental for spring break this year? If you’re looking for the best deal, the most varied amenities, and a family-friendly environment where your children are family, check out our more than 1,000 resorts.

With timeshare rentals in popular spring break destinations like Florida, California, and Mexico, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you and your family.



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