Snowshoeing 101

Did you know snowshoeing is a great way to navigate hiking trails that aren’t accessible by skis and is also a great way to stay fit during the winter? Not to mention, it’s an inexpensive way to enjoy the winter landscape in Tahoe!


Snowshoeing is an easy activity you can gather the whole family for and it doesn’t require a lift ticket. As the saying goes, “if you can walk, you can snowshoe.” It’s also a great way to extend your hiking season into the winter and all ability levels can enjoy the sport together.

Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Snowshoes:

Flat Terrain Snowshoes

Perfect for beginners. These are designed for easy walking and ideal for families and people looking to try out the sport. Renting or purchasing flat terrain snowshoes offers the best value for entry-level snowshoeing.

Rolling Terrain Snowshoes

Best for hikers. These snowshoes are designed for hiking on steeper terrain and are great for all terrains, except for super steep and icy conditions. This snowshoe would be the step up from entry level and perfect for people looking to adventure off the beaten track.

Mountain Terrain

For the advanced hiker and mountaineer. These snowshoes are designed for icy, steep terrain and are made for the expert snowshoeing experience. This rugged snowshoe is built for harsh conditions and for adventurers who are looking to blaze their own trail through the wilderness or try out the more difficult hiking paths.

Snowshoeing Tips:

  • Choose the right snowshoe! Meaning, be sure to get properly sized snowshoes whether you’re renting or purchasing a new pair. Comfort is key with any outdoor activity to avoid injuries.
  • Use trekking poles or ski poles to help you balance and provide stability when snowshoeing.
  • Match your footwear to your snowshoeing style. The more rugged the snowshoeing adventure, the more rugged your shoe should be. Insulated and waterproof boots with thick soles are ideal, along with wool or synthetic socks to help keep your feet dry.
  • Layer up! Dress for the cold and snow but be sure to wear breathable layers that you can remove or be active in when you work up a sweat. Also, be sure to wear waterproof outerwear so you stay dry in the snow.
  • If it’s your first time snowshoeing, start out on hard-pack snow. It’s easier to maneuver on hard-pack snow than fresh powder.
  • Just like any hiking adventure, over prepare by bringing extra water, food, supplies and a trail map.

Are you ready to navigate the beautiful winter landscape in Tahoe via snowshoe? Vacation at Red Wolf Lodge at Squaw Valley, Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge, or Tahoe Beach and Ski Club to be near all the outdoor adventures! Book online or call a Vacation Specialist at (877) 477-7368.

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