Best Beaches in California

California is widely regarded as one of the top destination states in the country, with many people traveling to California simply to get a taste for the mountains, the weather, the trees, and most importantly, the beaches. California is extremely scenic in many parts, and one of the most attractive features is its beautiful coastline, which is diverse throughout the state.

The beaches in California have so many unique features; each beach certainly has its own personality. Some have scenic cliffs; some have great waves for surfing, while others have entertainment districts surrounding the beach. Below are a few of the coastal communities in California for your next beach vacation.

  1. Malibu. This is a beach in Los Angeles with breathtaking views throughout the coastline. This is what we would consider an all-inclusive beach. Malibu runs for 27 miles and has separate areas for whatever you desire. Zuma beach in Malibu has everything – great surf, beautiful cliffs, and beautiful people, shopping and free parking.

  2. La Jolla. Another beach that features breathtaking views, La Jolla, in San Diego, is an absolutely outstanding beach for several reasons. You can kayak through the caves, swim with dolphins and seals, golf at a PGA course at Torrey Pines, surf at Windansea or Black’s Beach, go to the Birch Aquarium or take one of the most scenic beach hikes of your life at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

  3. Mavericks. Up in the Bay Area, Mavericks is the site of the Mavericks Invitational surfing contest, where surfers ride some of the biggest waves in the world, some as big as 80 feet tall. Needless to say, this surfing site in Northern California is not for those who aren’t used to the ardors of big wave surfing, but for those who compete, Mavericks is about as good as they come in California.

  4. Coronado. This is a very scenic relatively calm water beach in South San Diego. Twelve months of the year, Coronado is filled with tourists, making this older beach town, with an island feel, a mecca for beachgoers from around the world. You can take the ferry to get to the main part of San Diego or you can drive across the famous Coronado Bridge. Known for its elegant shopping and fine dining, Coronado is a seaside treasure.

  5. Venice Beach. You can’t make a top California beach list without including Venice Beach. Disclaimer: it’s not for everyone. Venice Beach is well-known for its eccentric, young, party-like atmosphere. It is easy to find a pickup game of beach volleyball or if you are a basketballer, can find great quality talent in Venice Beach. Muscle Beach is another popular destination within Venice Beach for its famous boardwalk outdoor gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed his fame in the fitness world. Venice Beach is easily the best beach to go people-watching in California.

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