At the Heart of Many Families Is a Pet

We received an overwhelming number of entries for our pet story contest, but in the end it was Oso the toy poodle who took home the prize—a long weekend in Lake Tahoe for his pet parent, Mary A., plus the opportunity to help us present a $2,500 check to the Humane Society of Truckee Tahoe.

Based on the number of responses, pets are clearly at the heart of your families. Do you support an organization dedicated to pets that could use $2500? Submit a story and your cause could be featured on ResorTime with the opportunity to win a donation!

Our Pet Contest Winner!


“Our toy poodle Oso ironically was the funniest on 4th of July in Lake Tahoe this year. He enjoyed it just as much as we did. He enjoyed kayaking, fishing, bike riding (wearing his goggles – in his dog backpack), his daily walks and the fireworks show – he was patriotic with his flashing star glasses! As we walked down the street he gave many folks a laugh. I wish I could submit more photos he had a blast.”

Other Submissions We Loved

While Oso was the paws-down winner, we just have to share a few of the other adorable and ridiculous entries. We loved getting to know you and your critters!


“This is my sister Ashley and her two puppies, Salt and Pepper. Salt and Pepper are a little bigger nowadays.  Also wanted to mention that my sister Ashley is a true animal lover. She volunteers at the local animal shelter and plans to attend vet school when she graduates from high school in June.”

-Brittany R.


“I have two cats, a dog, and 2 horses. One of my cats is named Cheese because she’s just fluffy and ridiculous, but a total princess. Because she’s a princess, Cheese always wants to be outside. She ripped a paw hole in the screen door and used that to open the door because the lock was broken. That’s not all she did though. I tried to block her from opening the door by putting a trash can in front of the screen and in response, she pushed the trash can out of the way and squeezed her whole body through the itty-bitty paw hole!”

-Shannon F.


“Jasmine, our rescued boxer mix is a super sweet girl. We fostered her, and her 8 newborn puppies, and wound up keeping her and one of the pups who became known as Tank, because of his willingness to go over, or through, anything between him and his food dish. One day while I was not home, they needed to be separated. Jasmine was in the living room because she likes to sleep on the couch, and Tank was left in the kitchen. He managed to escape the kitchen, and must have made a bee line for Jasmine’s food. To get to her food he had to go up and over the couch, and he decided to annihilate a few throw pillows along the way. This photo shows Jasmine, trying to enjoy her favorite sleeping spot, and hoping she does not get blamed for Tank’s destruction.”

-Daniel G.



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