5 Ways a Resort Concierge Elevates Your Vacation

In the age of TripAdvisor and Yelp, asking a resort concierge for help may seem unnecessary. Today the Internet gives you immediate, self-service access to restaurant reviews, tour operator websites, and social media recommendations. Who needs a concierge?

Turns out we all do!

The concierge role has certainly evolved over the past decade. Gone are the Rolodexes. However, there are good reasons why resorts continue to provide concierge services to their guests—and why you should reach out to one for your vacation.


  1. You’ll save time.

We’ve all been there—you start researching a restaurant and before you know it you’re on a totally different trail. Or, even worse, you become so engrossed with the myriad of possibilities that you spend more time planning your dinner than you do actually enjoying it.

Who really wants to spend their vacation, or the weeks leading up to your vacation, researching all the different options for dining and activities? By reaching out to your friendly concierge before your trip, you save yourself precious time, which can be better spent relaxing or exploring.

  1. You’ll enjoy exclusive savings.

Your concierge has devoted years to building personal relationships with tour operators, relationships which they leverage to get you special discounts. You may be tempted to book your helicopter ride or surf lesson on your own, but your concierge will not only connect you with the best operator but will likely get you the best deal.

The same is true when it comes to dining. Don’t hesitate to ask your concierge for the best happy hour specials and other insider tips. A good concierge is an expert on the local dining scene and truly enjoys sharing that information with guests.

  1. You’ll get greater access.

Have you ever called a popular restaurant or tried to book a hit show only to find that you can’t get in? Your concierge may be able to get you access anyway. Even if your concierge absolutely can’t make your first choice work, they can come up with alternatives that you may not have considered.

  1. You’ll learn from a local.

Internet research has its merits, but online information is sometimes outdated or doesn’t reflect the real experience. By partnering with your concierge, you benefit from local expertise. Your concierge may even surprise you by making a recommendation you could never have found online about an up-and-coming restaurant or out-of-the-way attraction.

Again, a good concierge takes pleasure in connecting you with the information you need. It’s their job. So be sure to take advantage of this complimentary service.

  1. You’ll do the things that really interest you.

Sometimes there are so many options to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down your activity list to fit your timeline. Call your concierge ahead of time to share your interests and what you’re hoping to get out of your trip.

Your concierge can make personalized recommendations, helping you to make the most of your vacation time. You can even book your activities in advance, so you have your plans set the moment you arrive at the resort.

Tip: When you make your reservation with ResorTime, include a Special Service Request to have the concierge contact you in advance of your vacation.



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