Your Best 2016 Travel Resolutions

How are you doing with your 2016 resolutions? Going to the gym and eating well can be challenging. But spending time with loved ones is a resolution to feel good about.

A few weeks ago we asked you about your 2016 travel resolutions. Here are two favorites to get you thinking about your vacation plans.

Our vacation contest winner's two children on the beach

“What will last a lifetime are the memories we share.” –Rebecca S. from Arizona

Traveling together with my family is the most important financial investment we can make. We try to go as much as we can. Our children might get an iPod, new clothes, LEGOS, or other temporary joys to fill their time. But what will last a lifetime are the memories we share as family spending time together.

We saved for quite a while and we are finally going away to Scotland so the children can be in the place where their father was born and raised. It is one thing to watch shows, read books, or see movies about Scotland, but quite another to experience it. They will come to understand their father better and experience sights to grow their imagination. They are also excited to be the ones with an accent, although they have a hard believing by just speaking as they have all along.

Since we live in Arizona but love the beach, we drive to California as often as we can. Our son has health issues and he always does better around the ocean air. I believe my daughter is a real mermaid because no matter the time of year, she’ll be in the ocean and rarely comes out. They both grew up going to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad. It’s one of their favorite places for all of us to play and relax together as a family.

Travel will serve to remember each other and life at its best.

Photo of the Desert out of Palm Springs in Bloom

“Yes—we have arrived!” – Cliff & Pat H. from Alberta

We are very excited to say we’ve reached a stage in our lives where “freedom of choices” in time is official! Lifestyle choices have finally replaced the workforce grind with travelling being one of our primary bucket list goals. Yes—we have arrived!

We’re happy to say Kauai, the Big Island, Oceanside, Palm Springs, Phoenix, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, New York, Toronto, and the Maritimes of Canada have all been new adventures mostly over the past three to four years. We enjoyed every minute of them and we want more!!

The incredibly diverse cultures experienced by travelling, mostly without ever going beyond North America and Central America, have been profound. The ocean versus desert experiences are completely different and for that reason we want more of the same in destination uniqueness. Though foods are less important to us than the activities and sceneries, we were duly impressed by diversity of areas yet again.

We have the travel bug, intending to make it available to our growing family of five children and almost two grandchildren. Some time back we took steps that will allow us to do just that. To avoid the pains of exchange rates we pre-purchased US dollars! Our plans have been made. So we’d absolutely love to return to either California or Hawaii again.

Thank you to everyone who shared! We are honored to be a part of your family traditions and look forward to helping you make more memories in 2016. Keep sharing your best stories and photos on our Facebook page.



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