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Frequently Asked Questions    

Q: What is ResorTime?
A: is a new concept in vacation rentals - now available to the public! We are the largest and most established, rental reservation service in the Timeshare Industry, offering travelers discounted condo rentals around the world, without having to take a tour. We acquire our condo rentals from resorts that have open condo availability either because a Timeshare owner cannot use their chosen week or they have listed their week for rent. That's why gets such great rates. Now anyone can enjoy the space and convenience of a luxury resort condo and save up to 50%* a night at hundreds of exciting vacation destinations.
Why resort condos make better vacations

Q: Will I have to take a timeshare tour if I stay at a timeshare resort?
A: No! You have no obligation to take a timeshare tour. Many of the ResorTime properties are not in sales any longer. You can use your luxury resort condo rental just like any other vacation condo. Just enjoy the space and convenience of the condo and the savings!

Q: Are these timeshare vacation rentals?
A: A majority of these properties are resort timeshare rentals. has begun adding hotels in areas that the demand has surpassed the timeshare rental availability.

Q: How is the reservation system different from other timeshare rental sites?
A: is an accredited travel web site with an established business that began over 10 years ago. We have a process of checks and balances to insure that the people that are reserving the condo through our service are getting exactly what they asked for. Our service is secured, meaning that we take full responsibility that the condo will be available, set-up during the dates you reserved them for. In addition, we monitor all the payment processes to insure the people reserving and making the payment are getting a legitimate resort condo. While we all want condo postings to be exactly what they say, and that the payments between two parties are honorable, there can be errors or inconsistencies. Not so with

Q: Do I have to be a timeshare owner to get great rates on these timeshare rentals?
A: No you do not. Timeshare Owners enjoy the lowest rates that offers, however has made it possible for the General Public to get great rates on luxury resort condos without being a timeshare owner with the Free or Premier Memberships. The Premier Membership allows members to enjoy discounted rates up to one year in advance.

How does pick the resorts they represent?
A: does not offer nights for rental from just any random hotel or resort. These properties are part of an affiliation, and have been extensively screened to meet stringent customer satisfaction requirements. We only promote properties that we are infinitely familiar with, so we are confident that our members will enjoy their time at the resort. Because of the long-term association, it also allows for the lowest possible rates for our members.

Q: How does ResorTime rate their resorts?
A: The star rating system is compiled through a detailed Timeshare resort and hotel rating system, evaluating resort hospitality, amenities and condo amenities. As an example, the condo amenities are rated regarding the number of bedrooms available, the spaciousness of the condo, designer decorations, and full size equipped kitchens, sleeper sofas, fireplaces, stereos and views. Input is developed via customer comments, Customer Care Representatives and Management inspections. Along with the Timeshare resort star rating, all resort hospitality services and amenities are detailed in the resort profile. » Star rating guidelines

Q: Will there be maid service in the condominium?
A: All resorts have different cleaning schedules. Additional maid service after check-in is generally available at a nominal cost.

Q: I am a timeshare owner- must I request the same unit type and season that I own at my home resort?
A: No. ResorTime is a rental program, not an exchange company. You may request any time or unit type you like, based on availability, of course. You can also add days to your exchange week with And, you can use to take mini-vacations as well. Stay a day or stay a week.

Q: What do I get with a membership?
A: Enjoy Member only specials, be advised of last minute availability or members promotions through our weekly member hot deals newsletter! Members enjoy our dynamic website to easily view resort details, check availability, book online or Wait List.

Q: Since these are resort condos, do I have to stay a week?
A: Thanks to's unique relationships with our resorts, you can stay a day or stay a week. Very few ResorTime properties require a minimum stay.

Book On Line 24/7! It's easy and convenient to make a reservation

1. Use the search box on our home page to browse    available dates at resorts in the location you choose.
2. Browse specifics for each available resort, and make    your selection by clicking continue.
3. Follow the instructions on each screen to reserve your    room online

If you do not have internet access please feel free to call our Travel Counselors at (877) 477-7368.

Q: What if the resort I want is booked?
A: is not like a standard hotel service. At any given time we have in excess of over 20,000 condo nights available. While a resort may be sold out today for a given date, they may have an additional 10 condos that become available tomorrow for that same date. If you see "sold out" on a date that you want to reserve, don't give up! There are 3 ways to reserve your vacation.

  • Bookmark and check back for availability.
  • Premier Members and Premier Timeshare Owner Members can also use the Wait List Notification Service and receive an email immediately when the requested dates for the chosen resort or vacation area become available.
  • If you do not see any availability and your desired travel dates are within in the next five days, call Resort Reservations at (877) 867-6506.

Q. I bought a timeshare because of these great deals I will get as an Owner. Do I get better prices than the general public or are we all paying the same price?
A. Owners of Affiliated Resorts automatically receive the best rates, and must be booked within each resorts reservation windows (usually 1-14 days in advance of stay). Owner Rates average $90 per night, where the General Public Premier Discounts average $125 per night. Owners can still receive a discounted rate outside of the window, however they would need to upgrade to the Premier Membership.

Members can also call our experienced Travel Counselors at (877) 477-7368 for assistance and ideas on great vacations.

There are three membership types.

Standard Membership
This is available to the general public. Average rental rates are $150-$275 a night for a luxury one bedroom resort condominium that sleeps four. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. Compare these discounted rates to a hotel, where you may be paying about the same amount, but do hot have the space and convenience to really relax like you want to.

Premier Membership
This rate is also available to the general public. Premier members can book up to 1 year in advance, receive an email Wait List Notification for any resort or vacation area and enjoy deep discounts on nightly rates, plus additional Premier-only area discounts and promotions. Average rentals are $90-$145 a night for a luxury one bedroom resort condo that sleeps four. gets these special rates from the resorts due to our unique relationship. There is a nominal fee of $29.95 a year to participate as a Premier Member, which usually pays for itself in savings the first night.

Owner Membership
This rate is available to Timeshare Owners. Average rentals are $75-$110 a night for a luxury one bedroom resort condo that sleeps four. was a benefit of their initial timeshare purchase where Owners received an on-going rental discount to affiliated resorts. Timeshare owners are aware that these rates are usually only available with short notice, average of 1-21 days prior to desired check in date.

Q: I am a timeshare owner - how do I get my resort affiliated with
A: If you know of a resort you would like added to the affiliation, please contact at (888) 466-5055 or email us by clicking here.

Q: Can other members of my family use my membership?
A: Your family cannot use your ResorTime membership, to reserve their luxury condos, but they may accompany you. The only restriction is the maximum unit occupancy. Your family and friends can join at any time to start saving up to 50% on their next vacation.

Q: Can I bring guests when I use ResorTime?
A: Guests are welcome to accompany you and are only restricted by unit occupancy.

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