Tyler Campbell Story

img-chargersIn 2007, Tyler Campbell, son of Hall of Fame legend, Earl Campbell, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis while playing football at San Diego State University. He continued to play football and kept his diagnosis a secret. Unfortunately, shortly after his NFL Pro Day at San Diego, Tyler experienced a major setback that landed him in the hospital and in a wheelchair unable to walk. After this episode, Tyler’s neurologist permanently sidelined his dreams of playing in the NFL. Tyler remained in positive spirits, stating “When one door closes, another opens. I view my diagnosis as an opportunity to share my experience to help others.”

Tyler’s relationship with his Father, Earl Campbell, was strengthened due to MS. They worked together to overcome their medical challenges. They participated in joint physical therapy sessions and Tyler was able to empathize with the physical struggles his Father battled since retiring from the NFL. They share a unique and special bond and inspire each other daily.

Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis changed the path of Tyler’s life dramatically. “I’m able to reach more people than I ever could have while running down the field with a football. That’s why I say my disease is a blessing.” As an Ambassador for the National MS Society, Tyler passionately spreads his message of hope. Tyler has worked hand in hand with Pro Player Foundation as a Host for Annual Flavors of Austin and Flavors of the Gaslamp events that shine a light on Multiple Sclerosis.

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