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Send Me On VacationSend Me On Vacation is an organization that helps women cancer survivors take a much needed vacation to relax and rejuvenate. These women have been pushed to the limits physically, emotionally, and financially. They deserve an opportunity to check-out of the home-to-hospital routine and check-in to a state of bliss.

My daughter Hailey and I were recently diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma Nodular Sclerosing Type – Stage 2A in the fall of 2012. I am 42 and my daughter Hailey is 16. Our dual diagnosis is considered a medical phenomenon. Last summer, I was sick with a respiratory illness that led me to seek medical help. I was sent home with antibiotics, but I did not get better. In October, I developed other symptoms (lumps on my neck and coughing attacks) that suggested I was very ill and needed testing. After scans and biopsies, I was officially diagnosed by a team of pathology specialists. Just a few weeks later, Hailey went through an almost identical process, to our horror. Our primary physician called me to read her chest x-ray results and told me there was a mass that required a closer look… she needed a CT-Scan. I felt as if I had been clubbed in the stomach as he said these words.

We want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to Send Me On Vacation and “Our” Vacation Sponsoring Company for sending us “All” on a vacation of a lifetime. My daughter and I made the climb together with each one our family members (6) in tow. We have no words to express the magnitude of our appreciation for sending all of us on a vacation after our treatment. The time we shared together was priceless. It’s truly an experience we could NEVER have shared together without your assistance. We were able to relax by the ocean, dine at a few restaurants, watch the fireworks, and most importantly spend time together as a family.

Sheila and Hailey Johnson, Mother and Daughter Survivors



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