Do you need to take a break and head for the mountains? Canmore, Canada may be just the right place. Canmore offers much more than amazing Rocky Mountain scenery and unspoiled wilderness to its visitors. Did you know that there is more Olympians per capita living in Canmore than any other place in the world? You could only imagine how many mountain fun activities there are to try. Take part in activities such as the winter carnival, cross country skiing, dog sledding, ice carving, snow sculpting, ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking, cave exploring, and so much more. Experience mountain culture by sharing space with furry four-legged neighbors who roam freely in Canmore, visiting ancient first nations cave drawings in Grotto Canyon, travel along the same wilderness trails that have been used to explore the Canadian Rockies by horse for generations, or attend the Calgary Stampede and put a little cowboy in your boots. Canmore is the full package when it comes to a real Rocky Mountain experience.






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