50 Surprising, Ridiculous, and Whimsical City Nicknames

We all know that Las Vegas is “Sin City” and Philadelphia is “The City of Brotherly Love.” But did you know that Encinitas, California, is “The Poinsettia Capital of the World” or that Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago “The City of Big Shoulders”?

This week, in honor of our specials in Branson, “The Live Entertainment Capital of the World,” and Orlando, “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” we’ve compiled this list of 50 entertaining city nicknames—one for every state.

  1. Montgomery, Alabama – The Gump
  2. Homer, Alaska – Halibut Capital of the World
  3. Tucson, Arizona – The Sunshine Factory
  4. Stuttgart, Arkansas – Rice and Duck Capital of the World
  5. Forestville, California – Poison Oak Capital of the World
  6. Boulder, Colorado – The Berkeley of the Rockies
  7. Hartford, Connecticut – Insurance City
  8. Seaford, Delaware – Nylon Capital of the World
  9. Fernandina Beach, Florida – Shark Tooth Capital of the World
  10. Alpharetta, Georgia – Awesome Alpharetta!
  11. Honolulu, Hawaii – The Big Pineapple
  12. Pocatello, Idaho – Poky
  13. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois – Shampoo-Banana
  14. Elkhart, Indiana – RV Capital of the World
  15. Dyersville, Iowa – Farm Toy Capital of the World
  16. Windom, Kansas – Covered Dish Capital of the World
  17. Crestwood, Kentucky – Whiskers
  18. Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Big Raggedy
  19. Strong, Maine – Toothpick Capital of the World
  20. Annapolis, Maryland – Naptown
  21. Cambridge, Massachusetts – The People’s Republic of Cambridge
  22. Eau Claire, Michigan – Cherry Pit Spitting Capital of the World
  23. International Falls, Minnesota – The Icebox of the United States
  24. Gulfport, Mississippi – Where Your Ship Comes In
  25. Branson, Missouri – The Live Entertainment Capital of the World
  26. Glendive, Montana – Good People Surrounded by Badlands
  27. Unadilla, Nebraska – Groundhog Capital of Nebraska
  28. Genoa, Nevada – Home of the Candy Dance
  29. Berlin, New Hampshire – The City That Trees Built
  30. Spring Lake, New Jersey – The Irish Riviera
  31. Taos, New Mexico – Soul of the Southwest
  32. Staten Island, New York – The Forgotten Borough
  33. Brevard, North Carolina – Home of the White Squirrels
  34. Rugby, North Dakota – Geographical Center of North America
  35. Akron, Ohio – Rubber City
  36. Glenpool, Oklahoma – The Town that Made Tulsa Famous
  37. Brookings, Oregon – Where Flowers Meet the Sea
  38. Hershey, Pennsylvania – The Sweetest Place on Earth
  39. Newport, Rhode Island – America’s First Resort
  40. Elgin, South Carolina – Home of the Catfish Stomp
  41. Redfield, South Dakota – Pheasant Capital of the World
  42. Chattanooga, Tennessee – Dynamo of Dixie
  43. Waco, Texas – The Buckle of the Bible Belt
  44. Kanab, Utah – Utah’s Little Hollywood
  45. Rutland, Vermont – RutVegas
  46. Fredericksburg, Virginia – Where History Never Gets Old
  47. Yakima, Washington – The Palm Springs of Washington
  48. Fairmont, West Virginia – The Gymnastics Capital of the World
  49. Ellsworth, Wisconsin – Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin
  50. Douglas, Wyoming – Jackalope Capital of the World


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